Gravesham borough fc
Gravesham borough fc
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Date Added 16/08/2017

Saturday see Erith and Belvedere visit our home for our first home league fixture of the season . I was excited about this game as I knew some of the management team from Erith and couldn't wait to get the game underway . Things started off ok but after 15 minutes cb sam truman got a second yellow to get a early red card . I'm not sure if both of the yellows where bookable offences but it happened and we had to deal with it .. at half time it was 1-0 and we held on to what was a good opposition . Second half see a different keeper put in goal due to a injury and rb due to a injury .. things after that really went bad to worse and the goal hammering started .. Erith and Belvedere have some good players this year and potentially they will be fighting for promotion . It did not help going down to ten men against a side as fit and strong as them and in the end on a hot day we struggled .. I was obviously gutted and would apologise to people who come to watch us and see that performance ..

Tuesday night see us travel away to Punjab in which a different approach was needed and a total squad change from Saturday .. Again we started off slow and conceded two early goals which can't be happening at this level.. we do not switch on and by the time we do we're trailing .. We then had a player sent off after 20 minutes for second time running in two games and again against good opposition it's a long time to hold out and fight for points . We managed to come out quick second half a score a great individual finish from jamie shields to make Punjab very nervous . We then had a free kick which we hit the bar , a one one one for the keeper to save it and a few other chances which any other day goes In. But again it hit that 65 minute mark and all that great effort was starting wear off and we started dropping deeper and loosing shape .. eventually Punjab scored another three goals but in the last ten minutes of the game and two in extra time.. I think to hold out and really give them a game with a long period with ten men and cause problems was a great sign from the team .. ok it's another 3 points dropped but this year is clearly for building .. we started the season with no previous players so every player in this squad is new to each other and new to the playing system .. it takes time for a team to gel and getting thrown in big games against big players on big money doesn't always help .. but with a long 40 odd game season not including cups it's a long time to get the right players and start competing .. we have some good players at the club and need a few areas tightened but I think in time you will see a good team that people won't want to play against .. 

1st team manager